What people said about the work:

“What a special workshop. I learned so much in a couple of hours. I saw myself and how unique everyone is and beautiful in their own form. It is so nice that you use different techniques and can give everyone the personal attention to really find something new in themselves.” (Pleun)

“I found it exiting to let the voice sound. And to listen to it. It was so nice! To let your voice sound freely and let it fill the space. I found an enormous freedom in this. Days after I had such a desire to make sound!” (Pleun)

“My take away is that the body helps to give your voice space – by getting out of your head it is easier to follow the impulses of the voice. Recommended: nice way of working, inspiring, pleasure, personal attention, relevant.” (Anna)

“I got a lot from the images you gave us. That creates space. In this way I take the work session with me in the outside world.” (Helene)

“I was very touched by the beauty of the voice. The vulnerability and personality, because your voice can not hide anything. So directly in contact with inside. Very beautiful.” 

“I see it as a research that I undergo with you. Looking for something in me that wants to be seen in a way it gets understood and that it touches me with others. I think you are a good guide for me. Thank you.” (Buschra)

“Really great that you create this place to let all this get expressed.” (Judith)

“Every time I hear Leela liberate her voice it’s a call for me to come home to mine. The shy wild in me recognizes itself in her tone, a vibration I’ve missed for long enough. Her 10 day challenge scares and ignites me. It’s time to be sung home” (Sarah Kate)

“A safe place to create space, use your voice and find how much energy that can produce!” (Lisanne)