Waterfall of Voices – an invitation to a 10 day challenge


Help me creating a Waterfall of Voices!

“Every time I hear Leela liberate her voice it’s a call for me to come home to mine. The shy wild in me recognises itself in her tone, a vibration I’ve missed for long enough. Her 10 day challenge scares and ignites me. It’s time to be sung home” Sarah Kate Gardiner

I just finished a 10 day (self imposed) challenge to improvise a song a day, record it uncut and raw – and share.
I survived it. And I felt I anchored a new muscles of pleasure, confidence and joy of what I love doing most into a daily practice – of voicing myself honestly and freely. And inspiring other to do so too.

Join me!
From the 1st – 10th of July 2019 when I do a new 10 days ‘A song a day’ challenge I this time call call A Waterfall of Voices. It will be a 10 day detox from the old fear of feeling like a fool/ ashamed/ shy – and just doing it.
In a closed secret facebook group we will playfully, share, support, lift each other and create a body full of daily sharing of fresh created raw songs/ poem/ slam poetry/ rap/ story improvised.
It is about the voicing and the flow of creativity.

It is difficult to be a waterfall all on your own!

Before, during and after I will guide the proces gently leaving freedom for you to follow your own intuitive proces and journey to move closer to yourself.
Creating this safe held space in which you can meet and connect to a lovely group of equal brave souls looking for a place to sound, share and connect from our most honest, trembling yet most powerful and purest place of authentic voice in this world.

Send a mail to breathofresonance@gmail.com with WATERFALL in subject box and I will send you the simple playing rules, inspiration and tools to get started and going.

I ask a simple amount of 12,50 euro for creating, guiding and holding the safe shared space.

What do you need? All you need is curiousity and to commit to a daily 10 day practice of voicing what is moving in you that day or moment in a creatieve way.
A simple camera in your smart phone is all you need to get going.
And of course a facebook account to access the closed group.

Looking forward to hear you!

Looking forward to start the summer with a Body full of Songs, shared energy and collective courage to sound ourselves more profoundly and resonating in the world than ever – together.
People from all the world welcome to join! Visit the facebook event and pass it on to anyone you would like to join in too!

Here was Leela’s just finished 10 day journey of the challenge

Her solo Waterfalls & Wormholes Forever. was the inspiration for this idea