Sun 23rd of June 2019 Voice Traject closing open showing, for invited guests. Amsterdam.

Fri 24th of May 2019 World is Constantly Changing. An evening about intuition in Perdu Amsterdam. Invited as artist to share the work of Voice as a Bridge.

Sat 18th of May 2019 Voice to Sing – from Nothing workshop Amsterdam. (see info under)

Sat 11th of May 2019 Voice as a Bridge workshop Amsterdam (see info under)

Fri 26th of April 2019 Waterfalls & Wormholes Forever. Open studio showing of new solo work in progress.


Voice as a Bridge – workshop


A workshop bringing presence, space, intuition, freedom and creativity into the use of voice, connecting it to the body, imagination and energy of the Now. For beginners, trained, professionals; performance artists, dancers, musicians, (theatre) teachers, coaches, and other creative souls wanting more freedom to express.

(Every workshop has a slight different accent as I dynamically improvise with what the group organically needs. In this way the workshops keep breathing and evolving. People can therefore easily enjoy joining several times to train the inner connection and let it become a second nature. )

Coming workshop dates in Amsterdam:

Discount if you join both workshops in May!

‘Voice as a Bridge’ on Sat 11th of May 2019

Open for all.

Are you longing to find more freedom in the use of your voice? To connect to your own inner creative source and fins back your natural sense of playfulness? Through listening and connecting to what there is, we create space for the body, mind and imagination to connect, flow and express itself freely.

In Amsterdam. From 13 – 17 hrs. Costs 45/35 euro students.

Send a mail to with the title VOICE AS A BRIDGE in the subject box.


Voice to Sing from Nothing’ 
on Sat 18th of May 2019

Having experienced the place of presence freedom in the voice, resonance and body, we open ourselves to our own musicality and the patterns of rhythms and melodies accessible when we listen close and deep. Playful, improvising and listening without pressure we explore, play and allow ourselves to enjoy creating harmonies, melodies, and song. No singing experience required. An open curiourisy to let our imagination, voice and intuition guide us to sing from nothing.

In Amsterdam. From 13 – 17 hrs. Costs 45/35 euro students.

Send a mail to with the title VOICE TO SING in the subject box.

Discount if you join both workshops!


[ Voice Traject 2019 News ]
We have now had four lovely sessions! One each month. And the voices are growing. In courage, reach and connected playful and authentic transparency. There is a sounding of ourselves going on, that is so sweet to be part of, lead and experience. Freedom. Creativity. Coming home.
I am blessed with so much beauty around me!
If you are interested in a following edition let me know.

Voice as Bridge Traject in 2019

How to let your voice be a tool to connect to yourself and express yourself more  authentically in your work and life? Clearly, naturally, with ease, confidence and playfulness.

A six month trajectory with a monthly workshop day – for you who wants to let this work of Voice as a Bridge and refound space of freedom, playfulness and connection to your intuition, and creative source become a natural second nature.

Six live Voice as a Bridge sessions (once a month from January till June) in Amsterdam, each time focusing on different inner or outer aspects of the work, always building on each other and looking for the balance. With personal coaching, small work assignments and an in-between virtual meeting room, you will be supported, encouraged and inspired to claim your inner space and connect to your authentic inner self of being. You will be part and feel supported and inspired in a safe warm sphere of likeminded creative souls – who along with you feel ready to resonate from inside with all there is and let our voices guide us to sound.


Session 1 on Sunday 27th of January | Session 2 on Sunday 24th of February | Session 3 on Sunday 24th of March | Session 4 on Sunday 28th of April | Session 5 on Sunday 26th of May (on location in forest) | Session 6 on Sunday 23rd of June (with small open showing)

We will move through the seasons from winter, spring to beginning summer and grow stronger from inside out to share our new found freedom.

In April/May we will have a session on location somewhere in nature. To let ourselves be inspired and resonate with the nature inside and outside ourselves.

In June will end with an internal small showing for selected audience, to see if we can share the found freedom with others, and test for ourselves if we really have established that bridge. But it is meant to be a session for YOU. To let your inner muscles of self confidence in your voice, creative expression and playful inner connected freedom experience how they have grown!

Let me know if you are interested with a small motivation letter of what you think this trajectory would give you.

Price 480 euro/ 360 euro students. * Sign up before the end of 2018 and get the discount price of 400 euro/ 300 euro students.

Price is including: the 6 monthly sessions and in between coaching/ assignments/ inspiration material. Inclusive taxes.

Payment done in rates is possible. If you would like to join, but have difficulty with the money, send me a mail.

For all questions and signing up send a mail to with the title VOICE TRAJECT in the subject box.