10333713_10152492834436425_6663083838856602756_oPhoto by Erno-Erik Raitanen

Singing has become a great part of my life after these last years. Through connecting to my voice and allowing my voice to lead me, thousands of songs have been created. Some have been recorded, but many not.

I let my self be inspired by the pure, raw and wild nature I travelled to, to deepen my work with the voice and improvising. Sicily, Finland and Iceland all left their deep imprints on my soul.


I have had several concerts on very different locations – the beautiful old farm Roodnoot in Utrecht, an old chapel in the castle of Montelbano, Sicily, in the church of Schokland, the Netherlands, on a motorboat on the water outside Helsinki Finland, and in The Toilet Gallery in Berlijn just to mention a few of the magical places I have had the honor to sing in. The locations and often ritual like moments – opening, closure, gathering have been inspiring and gave immense enjoyment to listen, following, trust and share the travel of my voice and how the songs took form together with the audience. It has sometimes even been very spiritual experiences. The connecting to the moment, myself, the space, the vibration and energy, letting go and allowing the crooked searching, the coming into form, while trusting that structure will create itself is what I enjoy so much. And to connect to deeply, directly and intimately with the audience.