My name is Leela May Stokholm (DK/GB). An Amsterdam based independent performing artist, singer, actrice and theatre director. Initiator, mentor, teacher and coach.

I’m on Patreon. Please join. It’s where all is flowing and happening. Where the voice is a bridge, to connect and sing life back to life. 

A few years ago I started a journey I did not know where would take me.

My father got ill and his weak lungs and near death set me off on a journey where my voice, breath as connecting cyclic movement of life and its contrast to death took a central place in my artistic work and inner as outer journey.

I went on several work residences to develop my material, music and work with the theme close to nature and its force of energy. I went with nature and its mythological, raw, wild and breathtaking life force on work residences on Sicily, Finland, and Iceland a.o. The will to life, grow, flow, move, break, breathe, connect, explode mirrored my inner landscapes.

I felt I was led and had nothing to loose. Loosing my dad seemed to mean there was a world of unknown that opened to me. All I could do was listen, follow and trust. Cause I had never been here before. Never felt this strong urge to let go and ask the universe what it wanted to tell me.

It asked me to sing life back to life.

I make music. I use my voice to inspire others to do so too. To let is resonate, and show how big, powerful, beautiful and naked it is. I create and teach theatrical voice improvisation work. And a newly created project is the workshop Voice as a Bridge to share this practice of listening, letting go and following the voice as a practice.

With Breath of Resonance I want to invite you to take the risk of living, feeling, expressing, voicing yourself. To go on the inner and outer journeys of your soul and meet you dreams with determination and courage to feel them, see them, live them. To dream in colours again! If life is a dream, we are the dancers. And when we connect to our own creative source our mythological essence with our true freedom is found again.

The childisch playful freedom and trust in that everything is possible with and from and in the imagination opens. A pureness is present. Lets open that door again in ourselves, and see how we can inspire each other to live again. Fully.

Remember the force of nature in yourself. Remember the wonder and mystery of life. The nature of our being cannot be grabbed fully in words or explained. We need to experience it. Listen. Balance it. Breathe it. Use our humor, playfulness, intuition, direct awareness through listening openly and honestly. Life cannot be tamed but rather befriended through trust.

With our breath we connect. With our voice we bridge. The inside with the outside. With our bodies and senses we experience and feel. With our inner compass we sail the seas of the ocean called life. And step up to our true nature and place of self power.


I hope my voice, words and breath of resonating energy resonates something within you. And so we inspire each other in a mutual dance of being independent, creative unique souls, all here with a special and unique quality to enrich this world. We need to dance together as a whole. No one can dance in someone else’s footsteps. Nor breathe for someone else. Nor for tomorrow. There is now. Lets meet and breathe as equals in the now. We are being breathed by life. And one day it will breathe us out.

We can let our lungs get wings through our breath, and let our soul resonate freely. If we allow it to.

Longen met vleugels
Drawing I made in 2014

Ready to take on the journey? I am here to tell you that you have nothing to loose. And all to win.

Aye, aye! Lets set sails.