Breath of Resonance

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When I was a little girl I loved sitting in trees, writing letters on the leaves and sending them with the wind. And I loved to sing and improvise songs while biking. About everything I saw, felt and had experienced through the day. In an ode to life. Full of love, for all the beauty I was part of, being a child of the Universe.

Somewhere along the way the sense of freedom and awe in me silenced out. My voice tried to hide. I tried not to sound like a fool, too enthusiastic, happy, in love, naked, vulnerable, eager, powerful, or dominant.

But now. Years later. I choose to lead my own ship. To practice breathing freely again and letting my lungs be wings to venture into the not-knowing with all my trust. Letting my voice sound in all its colours, cracks, caves, and resonate from inside and out through letting go. To open through listening and inviting it to sound without being scared of feeling judged. Letting the magic and imagination open again through allowing it to take form without me wanting to shape, judge or controle it. And I whisper to my heart – sing. And share that love again. I got your back.

Welcome to Breath of Resonance. My name is Leela.

People say I have a good inner compass.

Want to learn to connect to yours again?

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